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A guide to a sane, happy holiday season ~ "...holiday season is in full swing. For some folks, it's a frenzy of merry-making and hall-decking..." Covering the coming holidays prep with cheer-inducing cocktails, festive nibbles for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Solstice and New Years traditions, from celebrities, chefs and... The Best Hot Drinks for the Holiday Season | SAVEUR

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Global food dropouts
~ They grow their own vegetables. They raise backyard chickens. They bypass the supermarkets to buy groceries from farmers they know...
Read more: Way of the locavore: Four ways to escape global food; theglobeandmail.com

~ Globally, more people are eating less meat. From environment to obesity, the reasons are many and varied...
Read more: Meat-Free Meals; mindfood.com

Secret ingredient
The humble choko, (a knobbly fruit treated as a vegetable), was once the primary food that filled the tummies of poor families in Depression-era Australia...
Read more: The Outcast; mindfood.com

Food notes
~ The sandwich: generally thought of as two or more slices of bread and some filling in between. Every country has their own interpretation...
Read more: 10 Chefs and the Sandwiches They Love; huffingtonpost.com

~ Oysters - Plus: How to shuck shellfish like a pro, and the best toppings...
Read more: The Five Oysters to Know; details.com

~ Ham and Cheese Toastie recipe | In Season; mindfood.com

Q&A - Rachael Ray on her voice, her family, and being called “the Next Martha.”...
Read more: All in Good Taste; vanityfair.com

Food stories
~ Louis Diat, May 1949 - Pictures of one kind or another usually flood the memory when some favorite food of youth is injected into a conversation...
Read more: Strawberries À L'Amour; gourmet.com

Food for thought
Sandor Katz and the underground food movement. On making sauerkraut at home, the surprising ways in which bacteria are integral to human life...
Read more: NOBLE ROT - A podcast with Burkhard Bilger; newyorker.com

~ When chef Thomas Keller heard about the quality of seafood from a supplier in Maine, he wrote to the company's owner...
Read more: Thomas Keller: Pay people what they're worth; eatocracy.cnn.com

~ Megan Fizell behind the blog feastingonart.com shares her secret to translate cake inspired Pop Art paintings into real gourmet cupcakes...
Read more: Pop up with some Pop Art cakes; swide.com

Healthy corner
~ This column will change your life: What do our relationships with pets tell us about ourselves...
Read more: The truth about cats and dogs; guardian.co.uk

~ Veggies not always good for you: Food safety expert; torontosun.com
~ Trimming down high cholesterol; cbc.ca

From the mixer
~ Wedded in Wonderland; latimesmagazine.com
~ Bringing celebrity chefs to tout Gulf seafood; sunherald.com

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Lemon Curd on FoodistaLemon Curd

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