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Stretch the Summer's Harvest ~
Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve

"Preserving food at home by way of pickling, canning, etc. has never been so popular as more and more people want to learn how to do it. Here some refrigerated-preserving recipes"

In many parts of the country, harvest season is drawing to a close. And for lots of people, that means it’s time to for pickling, preserving, and...
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"All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do." ~Author Unknown (

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Bubble, bubble, it's no trouble
The ancient art of fermentation has earned a devoted set of fans, including Monica Corrado, who teaches that the bacteria inherent in the process are nothing to fear...
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Delicious Condiment
Mustard fruit, there's nothing better to add an Italian tingle to meat dishes...
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Food for Thought
An expert tells us how our food system is repeating the history of doomed civilizations...

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Freshness and Liveliness
Relish, a spoonful or two can spark almost any meal. Can be made from tomato, corn, eggplant, and more seasonal vegetables and fruits...
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Yes, she Cans
Jane Black conquers her fear of botulism and learns that making her own pickles and preserves is easier than she thought. It's also a great excuse to throw a party...
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Pickles for Beginners
Canning and pickling it’s such a great way to preserve the harvest for later and it’s so gratifying to put up your own food...
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Herb Overload
Chefs are finding creative uses for the herbs that are bountiful now. Ideas include using the herbs to infuse spirits, and creating sauces including pesto and chimichurri, which can be frozen for later use...
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Boozy Fruit
AT the end of every summer, as the heaps of fresh fruit start to dwindle at the farmers’ markets, the urge to preserve it all pulls strong...

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An Important Kick
Good cooks know the power of pepper. Whether you’re preparing a beloved egg dish, a homemade Caesar salad, or a plate of ravioli...
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