Locavore for Game : Bison, Venison, Wild Boar, ... A Walk on the Wild Side of the Plate

Indigenous Ingredients ~
Fine Dining: Caribou, Elk, and Boars, Oh My

"Why isn't America's native game available on its plates? Every locality has native options to keep diners interested. A case for the other red meats"

Elk, wild boar, musk ox, bison, caribou, variety present on many Canadian menus. Prepared with French simplicity and elegant presentation...
Read more: Fine Dining: Caribou, Elk, and Boars, Oh My; theatlantic.com

"If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk." ~Raymond Inmon (quotegarden.com)

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Hunting and Gathering
A good case for conscious eating — awareness of what you eat, where it comes from and where you fit into the food chain...
Read more: A Walk On The Wild Side ... Of The Plate; npr.org

Above the Arctic Circle
"If animals can eat it, we can", from chef Rene Redzepi while using a sharp knife to scrape lichen from rocks...
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More from Gordon Ramsay' F Word: Venison with chocolate sauce; youtube.com

Estonian Cooking
A gastronomic awakening is occurring in the countries that surround Europe’s other great sea...
Read more: Eurofile | Going Wild in the Baltics; nytimes.com

Local Ethnic
Exotic meats, red-hot peppers and Nelson Mandela's favourite pudding – foods from Ghana to Botswana are starting to tempt British palates...
Read more: A taste of Africa; independent.co.uk

~ Lean, red meat is low in fat and full of flavour and has become popular and widely available...
Read more: Venison : Recipes and helpful tips; bbc.co.uk

~ American Buffalo (the Bison) were the Plains Indians primary food source and once numbered in the tens of millions...
Read more: Buffalo meat / Bison Meat - Quick Facts About American Buffalo; buffalo-meat.info

NYC Restaurant
Ever envy the person being ushered ahead of a long line? Certain New Yorkers don’t care about hot new restaurants — they just want to go to a place where everybody knows their name...

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Aging Beef
Aging is a necessary step for producing great beef, but there's no need to overdo it...
Read more: Is Aged Beef Overrated?; theatlantic.com

Grillers, Rejoice
For every yin, there is a yang. And for every beef burger that is slathered with three different types of cheese, tangy mayonnaise sauce...
Read more: Healthiest Burgers: From In-N-Out to McDonald's; thedailybeast.com

~ Venison Loin with Chocolate Infused Sauce Recipe; foodnetwork.com
~ Roast Mortimer Forest venison loin with bitter chocolate, blackberries and beetroot; bbc.co.uk

From the Mixer
~ A champion of seasonality, terroir, purity and authenticity years before everyone else...
Read more: Fabulous Dead People | Richard Olney; nytimes.com

~ Could you shoot your own food?...
Read more: Men who kill; theage.com.au

~ A lot of rumors were circulated a few years aback about this extra-special beef from Japan...
Read more: Japanese Kobe Beef: Worth the Hype?; thekitchn.com

Meat - Cheese Burger with Mayo, Onion and Toma...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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