Culinary Journey: Dining Trends in Tokyo, Kentuky Ham, Downtown Beirut, ...

Hottest dining trends ~

Food-truck in Tokyo ~

"The 'Yatai' are offering a wide range of inexpensive meals ranging from Thai stir fries to Japanese rice balls to Italian grilled chicken"

Bound to be a hit in Tokyo this summer are the city’s burgeoning ranks of lunchbox minivans, ...
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"Leadership is action, not position." ~Donald H. McGannon (*)

Downtown Beirut
Beirut is becoming a restaurant hot spot - Joël Robuchon, Eric Kayser are among the notable names in the restaurant industry planning to open locations in Beirut. ...
Read more: Top Chefs and Restaurateurs Are Drawn to Beirut;

Cambodia everyday food
Sour fish soup an everyday food in Cambodia and central to their culture. Made with fresh ingredients, tamarind, lemongrass and fish sauce are essential, takes minutes to cook ...
Read more: Phnom Penh's Sour Fish Soup;

Kentucky hickory smoke
Nowadays, where there’s smoke there are foodies. A writer heads south to hog heaven. ...
Read more: My Old Kentucky Ham;

Sunny flavours in Surrey
Sunny, appealing strong flavours, fish feels right to eat, so does white meats with tomatoes, saffron, garlic, ...
Read more: Skye Gyngell's strong, sunny flavours;

Lunch in France
Luberon, in sun-baked northern Provence, there seems to be an agreement: to eat only the best and freshest local food. ...
Read more: France’s Luberon Invites You to Lose Yourself;

Flowers - Zucchini Blossoms Bouquet [02]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

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Kentucky Sandwich on FoodistaKentucky Sandwich

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