Comfort Food: Simple Pleasures with a Modern Twist, (Boiled Meat, Hot Dog, ...)

Comfort classics ~
Hot dogs any way you like ~

"While economy is attempting to recover, the hot dog can be an inexpensive way to comfort us"

Excessively dressed up, tasting of foreign influences, single or double, with sides or not, the hot dog reflects simplicity and economy ...

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Image: Hot Dogs on a Bun, by TheBusyBrain

"(On what her longevity is attributed to) Red meat and gin.” ~Julia Child quote (*)

Traditional meat market
Entrepreneurs are seeing an opportunity to revive the traditional meat market ...
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Do you cleave to the old wisdom that says boiling meat is a thoroughly good thing, or does the very thought make you seethe? ...
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Distinctive flavor
Broccoli rabe, that green vegetable known for its distinctive, delicious, bitter flavor ...
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A culinary herb primer
Which herbs enhance which foods? When to add them? Which pair well with others? ...
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Condiments and more
A man with a genius for slather-ons. Born in North Carolina. Raised in Virginia. Grew up skateboarding and surfing. ...
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A shy vegetable
Chicory, rarely spots in supermarket trolleys. It's rich in nutrients, great for our livers, delicious in salads ...
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Slightly funky
Though they look kind of like lumpy little rocks, dried limes actually have all kinds of uses as a flavoring. ...
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Broccoli Rabe on FoodistaBroccoli Rabe

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

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