Like Ketchup for Chocolate and the Axis of Food Evil!

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The Axis of Food Evil: Fat, Sugar and Salt

Ex-Surgeon General Says Restaurants Overload Foods with Ingredients We Crave, But They're Just Selling What We Desire
"But is it fair to demonize the food industry for selling us treats we're more than eager to eat?"
(CBS) Once we're grown up we're all individually responsible for what we eat. But what about those people who tempt us with all these delicious no-no's? ...
Shouldn't they share at least a part of the blame? Serena Altschul has been looking into that: ... The Axis of Food Evil: Fat, Sugar and Salt;

"Food comes first, then morals." The Threepenny Opera, Bertolt Brecht (German dramatist)

Like Ketchup for Chocolate

"The trick is dipping products that aren’t wet, and that are good cold."
A couple of years ago I got interested in alternative chocolates. I wanted to create foods that were hard and shiny like chocolate, melted in your mouth like chocolate, were impeccably smooth like chocolate, but didn’t taste like chocolate. ...
Full Story: Like Ketchup for Chocolate; Cooking Issues

Ketchup on Foodista

Can Unhealthy Food Hijack Your Brain?

Former FDA Chief's Research Suggests Millions Suffer From "Conditioned Hypereating"
Not apples or carrots. The scientist who once led the government's attack on addictive cigarettes can't wander through part of San Francisco without craving ...
Full Story: Can Unhealthy Food Hijack Your Brain?;

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