Special on Wildest and Weirdest Delicacies! Plus, Tips on Meats

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett(*)

Food & Travel
The world's 10 weirdest things to eat

"A selection and gallery from the author of the new Lonely Planet guide to Extreme Cuisine. Send your pictures and tales of gastro-hell for a chance to win the book."
View a gallery of the ten below. Thanks for all of your pictures and comments - the winners of the book will be announced on December 9
1 Alligator cheesecake (USA) ...
... There are few things on planet Earth more mismatched than a menacing alligator and a sweet, comforting slice of cheesecake.
However, the clever (or crazy) kitchen sorcerers at Jacque-Imo’s CafĂ© in New Orleans, ...
Full Story: The world's 10 weirdest things to eat; TimesOnline.co.uk


How To
The Food Lab: The Importance of Resting Meat

"So why does an un-rested steak expel more juices than a rested one? Turns out that it all has to do with temperature."
Instructions on how to be a man: Start large fire. Cook large steaks over large fire. Rip steaks from fire with bare hands, bite down, and ...
Full Story: The Food Lab: The Importance of Resting Meat; SeriousEats.com

Ham buyers get the free-range message

"If you're buying ham this Christmas choose free-range and boycott anything that isn't, say animal rights campaigners."
The latest volley in the Save Animals From Exploitation (Safe) campaign to give farmed pigs a better life is from actor Lisa Chappell – who, as a vegetarian, will be eating "lots of gorgeous salads and my mum's roast veggies" on Christmas Day – but nevertheless has a message for meat-eaters. ...
Full Story: Ham buyers get the free-range message Sunday Star Times

Food & Travel
China's penis restaurant

"There are several varieties of steamed, roasted and boiled penis at Beijing’s quirkiest diner"
I’m visiting the Guo-li-zhuang restaurant, a specialist penis and testicle emporium that caters mainly to wealthy businessmen and Communist party officials (who, truth be told, are often one and the same). ...
Full Story: China's penis restaurant; TimesOnline.co.uk

Food & Travel
The world's wildest delicacies

"Matt Rudd checks out tarantula, puffer fish and puffin, and asks you to tell us your most adventurous foodie tales"
Joe Staton, formerly of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard, spent an unhealthily long time studying whether everything really does taste of chicken. ...
Full Story: The world's wildest delicacies; TimesOnline.co.uk

(*) from QuoteGarden.com

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