Holiday Cooking: New Approach to Canapés

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A Good Appetite
An Alternative for Latke Lovers
Traditional food for Hanukkah may vary from country to country. Being latkes in the US, savor doughnuts in Israel, cheese pankakes in Hungary, etc.
Here a recipe for a change: Apple-Gruyère French Toast with Red Onion.

WHY is it that there are eight days of Hanukkah and only one really traditional holiday food, at least in this country? ...
... Sure, I’ve read all about what other cultures eat in “The Book of Jewish Food” by Claudia Roden. The Israelis savor doughnuts, the Hungarians, cheese pancakes. The Sephardim nosh syrup-soaked fritters and ...
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Festive Cooking
Christmas 2009: a new approach to canapés
From The
As the season for entertaining arrives, Rose Prince suggests a new approach to canapés – avoid minimalist mouthfuls in favour of rich, warming and plentiful fare.

I am the first person to grab at a canapé when a tray passes, but I will not make them. That is, I will not make mini quiches or ...
teeny beefburgers, complete with salad, relish and micro-slice of gherkin. Nor will I cut out rounds of bread using a sherry glass, toast them and ...
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Festive Cooking
Christmas 2009: Claire Macdonald's Christmas canapés
Forget cheap cocktail sausages on sticks and squares of processed cheese – get creative with Christmas canapés that will go down a treat.
From The

Planning a Christmas party? Put down that bag of peanuts. Too much booze without anything proper to eat will surely end in tears. But a full-blown buffet may not be the answer either, as juggling a plate, glass and ...
Full Story: Christmas 2009: Claire Macdonald's Christmas canapés

Party Canapes on Foodista

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