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It's not just noodles: Bangkok's best street food - Robert Ryan took Michelin-starred chef David Thompson as his guide around Thailand's capital and found the best food.

Chef David Thompson is a worried man. We are in a gridlocked taxi, heading for Bangkok’s Chinatown at a pace that makes the average snail look like Usain Bolt. Time, on the other hand, is moving at a fair old lick.
It is gone 6.30 in the evening, which gives us less than half an hour to get to our destination. Furthermore, ...
Full Story: ...
... It's not just noodles: Bangkok's best street food; by Robert Ryan

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Food festivals thriving, and the ritzier the better - The down economy has not dampened enthusiasm for high-end food festivals, which attract hordes of participants eager to meet celebrity chefs, taste new dishes and absorb cooking tips.

When certified master sommelier Ivan Ruiz proposed hosting a high-end food and wine festival in Summit, N.J., 40 minutes outside of New York City, he was met with skepticism. Mr. Ruiz wanted to bring celebrity chefs to this Wall Street bedroom community, ...
Full Story: Despite Down Economy, Large Appetite for Food Festivals; By PERVAIZ SHALLWANI

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Whether it’s from the can or a fresh steak, tuna works for more than just the mayo-sodden salad. Have some tonight and you’ll get a good dose of protein and energy-boosting B-vitamins. If you opt for the canned stuff, choose chunk light tuna (it has less mercury) that’s packed in water. ...

Full List: Spotlight Recipes: Tuna Time; by Toby Amidor

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