What's for Breakfast? Healthy Snack, Spicy Memoirs and a Bit of Comfort Food!

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Healthy Tips on HealthyEats.com
5 Snack Foods to Fight Off Hunger

Snacks should help keep you satisfied between meals. Pick the right ones to reap their benefits.

For me, snacking is a must! It helps me get from one meal to the next — no headaches, drops in energy or stomach rumbling. My secret: choosing snacks that contain hunger-fighting ingredients. ...
Full Story: ...
... 5 Snack Foods to Fight Off Hunger; by Toby Amidor

Chef memoirs: What hath Anthony Bourdain wrought?
New chef memoirs reveal the dirt - New memoirs from chefs, including "Spiced," "Cooking Dirty," "The Hunger" and "Under the Table," dish all the dirty secrets of restaurant kitchens. The trend away from sanitized life stories started with Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential."

His 'Kitchen Confidential' revolutionized the chef memoir. Now young chefs are taking a similar approach with 'Spiced,' 'Cooking Dirty,' 'The Hunger' and 'Under the Table.' ...
Full Story: ... Chef memoirs: What hath Anthony Bourdain wrought?; by Russ Parsons

Bitten on NYTimes.com

A Healthy Chocolate Breakfast for Kids?

Nutella, the chocolaty, hazel-nutty spread, has a cult-like following. People love Nutella for its balance of savory and sweet, and its versatility: You can put it inside crepes, atop waffles or eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. Its decadent creamy goodness has inspired poetry, love songs and amateur music videos.
Despite this undying adoration, the owners of Nutella, the Ferrero family of Italy, ...
Full Story: A Healthy Chocolate Breakfast for Kids?; By Leora Broydo Vestel

Food on SunTimes.com
Fat from Kobe beef the new secret ingredient
Chef finds new role for Kobe fat - Chef Joshua Linton of Asian-themed steakhouse Ajasteak in Chicago has begun making french fries with clarified fat from Kobe beef. The fries are crisp outside and tender within.

Kobe beef's extraordinary marbling sets it apart from the rest. All that fat means it's going to be a tender, juicy steak when it's lifted off the grill.
Now an Asian-themed Chicago steakhouse is using Kobe beef fat to dress up red meat's longtime sidekick: the potato. ...
Full Story: Fat from Kobe beef the new secret ingredient; by Lisa Donovan

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