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I'm Vegan Documentary Gets to the Meat of the Much Maligned Lifestyle.
A documentary project aims to clear up some preconceptions about vegans.

Some folks believe that it's okay to hate vegans. As a result, vegans are goaded and called annoying and even accused of smelling like incense.
Enter filmmakers Eric Prescott, Spencer Campo, and Matthew Goodwin. This vegan trio are behind a new documentary project called, simply enough, "I'm Vegan": ...
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... I'm Vegan Documentary Gets to the Meat of the Much Maligned Lifestyle; By Mickey Z.

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Just Don’t Call Them Weeds - At the farmers’ market in Santa Monica, Calif., near where I live, there’s a stall selling a host of unusual greens and herbs, among them purslane, dandelion greens and two types of amaranth (one with red leaves, the other with green leaves and red veins). I was delighted to come across them: I’ve been hard pressed to find these neglected greens in American markets, despite the fact that they’re nutritious, versatile and popular in many of the world’s cuisines. With thick stems and succulent leaves, purslane, ...
Full Story: Just Don’t Call Them Weeds; By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN

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Love Potatoes? Get 10 Recipe Transformations

Potatoes have been revered for centuries. The Spanish Conquistadors must have seen value in this humble tuber when they first carried the potato to Europe from its home in South America in the sixteenth century. From there, the potato traveled across the globe and became a staple crop in many cultures, including Ireland, Russia and even the Nepalese Himalayas and ...
Full Story: Potatoes

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Healthy foods often contaminated by bacteria - Healthy foods such as tomatoes, leafy greens and berries also are in the top 10 list of foods that can cause illness, according to a new study that analyzed foodborne-illness outbreak data from the Food and Drug Administration.

Leafy greens, tomatoes and berries: They're packed with vitamins and showcased by nutritionists as healthful foods that Americans should eat regularly.
They are also among the 10 foods most likely to make you sick, ...
Full Story: Healthy Foods Carry Hidden Dangers, New Study Finds; By Lyndsey Layton
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