Locavore Movement, Healthy and Hearty Recipes

Recipes for Health on the NYTimes.com
Mediterranean Vegetable Pies
Rustic pies are hearty vegetarian fare - Mediterranean-style vegetable pies are not difficult to make and work well as vegetarian entrees. Such pies are a great way to serve healthful vegetables.

Vegetable pies and tortes are a recurring culinary theme throughout the Mediterranean region, where cooks pack the season’s produce into dough, enriching the dish with eggs and local cheeses and adding herbs for flavor. These rustic pies make substantial main dishes and are a great way to work vegetables into your diet; ...
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... Mediterranean Vegetable Pies; By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN

Cook More, Shop Less
Spend less time shopping, more time cooking - Don't have time to cook? That's a common excuse for buying more processed and fast foods, but according to Rachel Shulman, it's grocery shopping that's really time-consuming. For more sustainable eating habits, try planning your grocery shopping ahead of time and cook in bulk with fewer ingredients to minimize waste.

With all of the attention being paid to the platforms of foodies like Jamie Oliver and Michael Pollan, you would think that Americans would cook more and ...
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Recipes for Health on the NYTimes.com
Collard Greens: Rethinking a Southern Classic
A meal of slow-simmered, braised collard greens will be rich in vitamins A and C, calcium and dietary fiber. Simmering the leaves for 30 minutes to one hour with garlic, onions and olive oil will make a great side or wrapper.

Not long ago I received an e-mail from a reader requesting collard green recipes. I was happy to accommodate, especially since I’ve not worked much with collard greens. ...
Full Story: Collard Greens: Rethinking a Southern Classic; By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN

Collard Greens on Foodista

Perspective on the Boston.com
A bitter reality
Splashing some cold water on the locavore movement - Eating locally grown food benefits small farmers and tastes good, but it does not reduce energy use or create self-sustaining communities.

Choose local food for the taste? Sure. But if you’re convinced you’re saving the world, think again.
"Local food" is all the rage, touted by adherents as offering better food, an environmentally responsible lifestyle, and ...
Full Story: A bitter reality; By Tom Keane

Save The Deli
For the past two years, Canadian journalist David Sax has been blogging about his adventures with Jewish deli meats. Now, he's written a book, which is hitting bookstores (and arteries) right now.
Full Story: Save The Deli


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