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Marching to a different drumstick
Chicken ranchers Kristy Levings and Brian Douglass want the best for their birds - and their hungry customers.

"Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!"
These chickens sound as happy as fowl can be, pecking in the grass and strolling around the pasture on this foggy morning near Woodland.
Compare their lives to the claustrophobia of a factory farm, where chickens spend their days in a square foot of space, ...
Full Story: ...
... Marching to a different drumstick; By Chris Macias

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From Game to Flame
In Britain's top restaurants the game is on - Chefs in England are known to hunt the wild game they serve in their restaurants. For Mr. Brett Graham, Ledbury restaurant in London, it's in the whole process, from shooting to bringing it to the restaurant, preparing and serving catch as partridges, grouse, pheasants and other game.

The Scene: The Berkshire Downs, southern England, just after dawn. A camouflaged man, silencer on his rifle, crawls crablike toward the fence line. He pokes his head through some tufts of grass, takes aim and fires. ...
Full Story: From Game to Flame; By BRUCE PALLING

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Eat, Drink, Be Beautiful
Good Food: The Sensational Skin Diet and Top 6 Anti-Agers.
Before you pick Botox, here few things that are helping us looking young.

Glowing good looks are the surest sign your body is getting the nutrients it needs. So we asked Food Network star Ellie Krieger, a dietitian and cookbook author known for her delicious, healthy recipes, to devise some meals ...
Full Story: Eat, Drink, Be Beautiful; by Ellie Krieger

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Flavored Cooking Oil: Easier Than It Sounds
Flavoring your own cooking oils is easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is heat a bit the oil with the chosen aromatics, steep it, cool and use it.
They come handy to season every seasons and every occasions.

FLAVORED oils are invaluable summer ingredients, at home over salads, grilled vegetables, meat, fish or almost anything else for that matter.
They’re also among the simplest exotic kitchen creations imaginable. ...
Full Story: Flavored Cooking Oil: Easier Than It Sounds; By MARK BITTMAN

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Roasted pear with toasted goat cheese salad
Recipe developed for the Kansas City Star by professional home economists Kathryn Moore and Roxanne Wyss.

Full Recipe: Roasted pear with toasted goat cheese salad

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Pear and Blue Cheese Millefeuilles, [Dtls]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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