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No crusty recipes for this bread pudding
Bread pudding starts with roasting pears, with seasonal fruits and favorite ingredients from the pantry. A recipe for a pudding with roasted pears, butterscotch sauce and spicy bread is included.

Bread pudding conjures a variety of delicious associations. For some, it's the ultimate comfort food; for others, it's an easy yet sumptuous dish for brunch or dessert. ...
Full Story: ...
... No crusty recipes for this bread pudding; by Flo Braker

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Reunion With a Rich Old Friend
Calf's liver brings back tender memories - A recipe for calf's liver with bacon, sauteed onions and radicchio yields a delicious meal that contrasts the richness of the liver with the sweetness of the vegetables. Calf's liver is also rich in iron and loaded with A and B vitamins.

IT wasn’t that I was avoiding calf’s liver; I just hadn’t thought about it in, oh, 10 years.
But there it was in the most unlikely place: a book I chose for ideas about what to feed my 11-month-old, ...
Full Story: Reunion With a Rich Old Friend; By MELISSA CLARK

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The happy herb
Chervil's mild sophistication deserves more attention - Delicate chervil is popular in French cooking, but often overlooked elsewhere. Its gentle aniseedlike flavor adds depth to dishes ranging from scrambled eggs to lobster to chervil soup.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ends his look at summer herbs with chervil, because it always brings a smile to his face
The happy herb;

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Bills urge restaurants to post information on calorie, fat counts
Congress considers bills on calorie posting - Congress is mulling over two proposals to make a nutrition-posting standard across the U.S. The Menu Education and Labeling Act, like New York City's law, would require restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calories next to each menu item. The Labeling Education and Nutrition Act would be more favorable to the restaurant industry but still require posting of the information.

McDonald's makes sure that you know the dollar cost of a Quarter Pounder before you order. But the dietary cost isn't on the menu board. ...
Full Story: Bills urge restaurants to post information on calorie, fat counts; By Letitia Stein

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Restaurant diners want nutrition information, not just calorie counts
Survey: Diners want nutrition information on menus - In a recent survey, 65% of respondents said they prefer full nutrition information on menus to simple calorie tallies. Of those, 40% prefer a Nutrition Facts panel, while 27% want an at-a-glance credit or ratings system.

When dining out, 65% of Americans say they prefer to see nutritional information on a restaurant menu rather than calories alone, ...
Full Story: Restaurant diners want nutrition information, not just calorie counts

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