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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

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Cooking Consensus: Will Wiki Work in the Kitchen?
Can wiki recipes work? - Two Web sites, and the recipe section of, are creating wiki recipes by allowing users to post recipes and change existing ones.

We shocked the academic experts by writing excellent encyclopedia entries on Wikipedia, so why can't amateurs, if we all work together, create perfect recipes? If enough of us discuss and ...
Full Story: ...
... Cooking Consensus: Will Wiki Work in the Kitchen?; By Joel Stein

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Don't Let Good Produce Go Bad
Shopping on saturday morning, at the farmer's market, and going home with bunches of peppers, peaches, greens, just thinking of cooking during the week.

Every Saturday morning, I go shopping at the San Francisco Ferry Building farmer’s market, and I always go home with a dizzying array of colorful peppers, perfect peaches, gorgeous greens, and a host of other things ...
Full Story: Don't Let Good Produce Go Bad; By Allison Ford

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Learning to sharpen knives takes patience and blood
Truly sharp knives require patience, practice and pain - Learning to sharpen Japanese knives is a process that can take months, and often involves cut and bleeding fingers. But the "scary sharp" result is worth the effort.

WHEN I WAS a kid, I had a rock collection, including a box of polished thundereggs and other colorful stones. At some point I got rid of them. ...
Full Story: Learning to sharpen knives takes patience and blood; By Matthew Amster-Burton

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New York's restaurant scene undergoing a shift - More than 500 restaurants in New York City have closed so far this year, including many that are high-end and well known. Experts say restaurants must change with the times, and diners seem to be moving toward comfort food and less formal venues.

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - High-end dining in New York City has been hard hit by the recession and needs to adapt to changing tastes to keep its allure, experts said. This week's demise of Gourmet, a 68-year-old food magazine, underscored the precarious future of fancy dining. ...
Full Story: Fine dining in New York down but not out; By Richard Leong
Photo: NYC Montage from Wikipedia

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