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Harumi Kurihara: Japan's answer to Nigella Lawson

Superstar cookery writer Harumi Kurihara is now creating simple recipes for Western palates.
We have Nigella and Delia, the United States has Martha Stewart and Australia looks to Donna Hay. Japan, in turn, has its own domestic goddess – Harumi Kurihara.
A birdlike, youthful 62 years old, Harumi's cookery books have sold 20 million copies in Japan, and ...
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... Harumi Kurihara: Japan's answer to Nigella Lawson; By Xanthe Clay

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So You Think You Know Pasta
Book has potential to reshape views on pasta - Italian food historian Oretta Zanini De Vita has published the "Encyclopedia of Pasta," which places pasta in historical context through hundreds of descriptions of pasta styles, origins, myths, etc.

ORETTA ZANINI DE VITA, the pre-eminent Italian food historian, seems to have a tool for every pasta: a centuries-old ravioli cutter, a wooden stamp that mints pasta like coins, a chitarra for creating thick strands of tagliatelle. ...
Full Story: So You Think You Know Pasta; By RACHEL DONADIO

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The Crisp Side of Nori
SEAWEED — more respectfully, sea greens or sea vegetables — can be a tough sell. Many of us gobble down seaweed salad and sushi wrapped in nori, which is seaweed, of course, but beyond that it remains underused.
I won’t get into the health benefits of seaweed, which are legion, but I enjoy finding new ways to prepare it because, quite simply, I like it to eat it.
There’s a tradition in Japan, Korea and ...
Full Story: The Crisp Side of Nori; By MARK BITTMAN

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My Day on a Plate: Jacques Pépin
Ever wonder what Jacques Pépin eats for lunch? - He's the latest chef to take part in a Gourmet magazine challenge to chronicle everything he ate and drank over a 24-hour period. He reveals that he's not really a breakfast person, and he makes his own lamb sausage.

You’ve watched him eviscerate chickens, turn sticks of butter into floral arrangements, and trade friendly barbs with Julia Child. As part of a continuing series, Jacques Pépin—former chef to Charles de Gaulle, dean at the French Culinary Institute, ...
Full Story: My Day on a Plate: Jacques Pépin


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