EASY BITES! Ravioli with Asparagus and Zucchini

"Happiness for me is largely a matter of digestion."
~Chinese writer Lin Yutang


Ravioli con Asparagi e Zucchine ~ Ravioli with Asparagus and Zucchini

Difficulty: EASY/MEDIUM
Preparation's Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4

Recipe ...

Ingredients & Qty
Ravioli(*): 1 package, (250g/8.82oz);
Green Asparagus: 10 Spears;
Green Zucchini: 1 piece, (long variety, not too thick);
Olive Oil: For frying;
Salt & Pepper: To taste;
Chili pepper: To taste;
Double Cream, (33% min): 100mL/3.52fl-oz;
Parmigiano: 50g/1.76oz, (grated);

Utensils, Etc
Stockpot: 1 medium/large;
Non-Stick Skillet: 1;
Paper Towels: 1;

~ Pre-cook the Ravioli, following the package instruction; (**)

~ RINSE the Asparagus, TRIM the Ends, (the chewy part).
~ CUT each Spear in the size you need, (matching the size of Ravioli). Set-Aside.

~ RINSE and SLICE the Zucchini, (medium/thin disks). Sprinkle a bit of Salt and Set-Aside.

~ Pre-Heat the Skillet with little Olive Oil, you’ll be using the same Skillet for the following preparations:
> Stir-Fry, (Saute’), the Zucchini. Set-Aside on Paper Towel to Absorb Extra Oil.
> Stir-Fry the Asparagus; Add the Pre-Cooked Ravioli and the Zucchini Disks;
> Add Salt, Pepper and Chilli to taste.
> Off the Heat, Stir-In the Double Cream and Parmigiano.

~ Serve Immediately.

- (*) Ravioli “Ricotta and Basil”
- Tasting Portion: 3 ravioli


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Photo: Ravioli Asparagi e Zucchine from "Italic Cuisine" by OCK Style

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