Do Men and Women Cook Differently? Kitchen Tips & Trics!

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It took top chefs years to figure out these helpful tips. You can put them to work immediately!
It's extremely reassuring to know what the experts do to overcome common kitchen challenges. If they can make life in the most important room in the house easy, painless and delicious, we want to know how. So we've asked noteworthy chefs, editors and authors to share some of their most ingenious kitchen solutions.
Food stuck to your favorite pot? Sandy Gluck, host of "Everyday Food" ...
Full Story: ...
... Top 25 kitchen fixes of all time; By Natalie Ermann Russell

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A panel discussion called "Gender Confusion: Unraveling the Myths of Gender in the Restaurant Kitchen" examined the role of gender in cooking style. Famed chefs and food writers tried to determine the gender of the chefs preparing various dishes but found their preconceived notions upended.
"It's impossible to glean by looking and tasting whether a dish was created by a man or a woman."
On Monday night I was one of two sacrificial guys (Alinea's Grant Achatz was the other) on a panel discussion titled Gender Confusion: Unraveling the Myths of Gender in the Restaurant Kitchen. ...
Full Story: Do Men Cook Differently Than Women in Restaurants? Can You Tell the Difference?; by Ed Levine

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From recalled tomatoes to calorie counts on menus, food and health was a big part of the news in 2008, and it looks to again have a high profile in 2009. Here are five food-related topics and trends to watch for this year.
Custom Foods
Customization has been a strong consumer trend in recent years. Shoppers can now buy made-to-order versions of popular items like chocolate bars, coffee and granola online. You can create your own food and health products based on basic criteria ...
Full Story: Food trends for 2009; By Terri Coles

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