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Traffic to the top 35 food Web sites increased 14% in December over the previous year, and the number of Web sites devoted to food keeps growing. Several new sites are worth checking out.
With the economy in a tailspin, many people are turning to the comfort of food - not to mention the cost-saving advantages of home cooking - and the Web as an eating resource.
The number of visitors to the top 35 food sites in December grew 14% percent from a year ago, while the number of people who visited the Internet as a whole increased just 4% in the same time period, according to comScore, ...
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... A Guide to New Food Sites; By PERVAIZ SHALLWANI
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A Portuguese Town’s Spit-Roasted Claim to Fame.
Most Portuguese towns are graced with monuments honoring local heroes. Mealhada is a bit different. There’s no stony faced navigator or dreamy bronze poet to greet visitors here. Instead, there’s a three-meter monolith topped with an oversized limestone piglet, its snout pointed skyward in an expression of civic pride in its inhabitants’ prowess in the arts of porcine cuisine.
Mealhada is Portugal’s suckling pig central.
The town of 5,000 is renowned the length and breadth of the land for serving up spit-roasted, crispy skinned and ...
Full Story: Big-Time Barbecue; By PAUL AMES

Skin Deepfrom the

Acai: Much hype, little scientific backup.
Acai berries, considered the new superfood, were featured in 53 product introductions in 2008. But long-term studies do not exist to back up the claims that it reduces wrinkles, aids weight loss or rids the body of toxins.
IT’S hard to ignore the hype over açaí, the purple berry that dangles from 60-foot trees in the Brazilian rain forest and has found its way into “detox” beverages and anti-aging creams. Just browse through your e-mail messages or advertisements on Facebook and you’ll get the gist of the claims: ...
Full Story: Pressing Açaí for Answers; By ABBY ELLIN

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