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Cheese to Please in Summer - Cheese is seasonal, and certain kinds taste best in summer or just seem to fit the season. Mozzarella, burrata, chevre, feta and ricotta are at their peak now, while light cheeses including Gouda are good choices in the heat of summer.
For lots of cooks, warm-weather months are all about the glories of the grill. For others, summer broadens the kaleidoscope of vegetables and fruits. For me, this time of year means all of that - with cheese. ...
Full Story: ...
... On Board For Summer; by Domenica Marchetti

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Businesses help chefs locate food at its source - A former chef, an oyster farmer and a berry farmer have all started services that connect chefs with sources for local, high-quality meat and produce. They are filling a need because the Washington, D.C., area lacks an efficient distribution system between farms and restaurants.
Food Finders Connect Chefs With the Source - One day last month, Javier Arze was walking in the woods near his Springfield townhouse when he stumbled upon morels: those spongy, honeycombed mushrooms of spring that foodies fawn over for their nutty flavor. Next thing he knew, he was filling a 10-pound bag every day, ...
Full Story: The Go-Betweens; By Melissa McCart

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It's one of the divine pleasures of warmer days: backyard barbecuing or sunning at a patio bar, a cocktail in hand.
But this summer, we don't want that cocktail to be a mojito. After more than a decade of downing the rum-mint-and-lime concoctions, we are parched for something new.
We asked a handful of cocktail gurus — those known for reinventing the classics and those who approach drink-making like mad scientists — to make us a new summer drink. Not the mojito — the nojito.
Almost 30 cocktail recipes poured in, and ...
Full Story: No more mojito! We're ready for a new summer cocktail; By Lavanya Ramanathan

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