Grasshoppers, Bread and... What Does Being a Vegetarian Say About You?

Would you eat bread made from INSECTS? Students turn grasshoppers into flour to be used in bread and other foods to feed people in poor countries... | Mail Online |

Is mead making a comeback? Made by fermenting honey and water, and thought by some scholars to be the earliest fermented drink... | Telegraph |

Do milk puddings turn your stomach? Does broccoli, liver or cheese offend your taste buds? Why do we turn up our noses at certain foods? BBC Food

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Italica… A day with curvy bloggers. Women are back. Sì. Le donne sono tornate... |

when life gives you fresh organic lemon...

"There is always one unexpected little moment in life when a door opens to let the future in." ~Graham Greene (

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food-for-thought from the mare-magnum of the emerging media...

Italica… Sei in una città che non conosci. Vuoi assaggiare la cucina locale? Cookening, indovina da chi vai a cena?

Where are the best nations for travellers on a meat-free diet? The best countries in the world for vegetarians |

What Does Being a Vegetarian Say About You? It largely depends upon where you live...

Going Vegan, if Only for a Day. A part-time vegan diet is the direction that will do the most to benefit human health... |

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Custom Dog Treat Cookie Cutters from Name That Cookie, make Fido’s homemade treats even more special... | Dog Milk

Black is the Colour of Food, Too | Gherkins & Tomatoes

Appetibilis : Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes

Fruits - Salad [Sashimi Style] Detail
Fruits - Salad [Sashimi Style] Detail
(Photo credit: ockstyle)

Kitchen cavalier or conscientious clean-freak? Here's to hygiene in the kitchen | Telegraph

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Looking for recipes? Check : The Recipes Hunter Collection...

Ask to Join The Food Styling and Photography Club on Facebook to improve your skills in food photography and food styling, learn something about cooking and enjoy the visual...

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