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An illustration of noblemen enjoying a picnic...
Whether a shepherd, an explorer, a hunter or a fairgoer, people have been eating outside since the beginning of time... Picnicking Through The Ages | The Salt : NPR

Picnics 101: Choosing delicious recipes that are suitable for packing up and eating outdoors is crucial to creating a good picnic spread... 12 Perfectly Packable Recipes (and Tips) | Delish.com

Mint and basil are a flavorful and easy-growing place to start, but the possibilities are endless... Garden to Glass. | gourmet.com

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Italica… Asta Record, Ornellaia da 105mila euro | L'espresso food&wine

Sardinian holidays in Alghero

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
~Jim Ryun (quotegarden.com)

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Italica… Che ne sai tu di un campo di Kamut® | Scienza in cucina - Blog - Le Scienze

Unless you are very lucky, you will not be told about any of the latest food-related research when you enter the parallel universe that is cancer treatment... Cancer and diet: Why is nutrition overlooked? | BBC Food

Because some foods promote inflammation and others help tamp it down, what we eat makes a surprisingly large contribution to our individual level of inflammation... The Life-Extending Diet | MORE Magazine

How to feed the world ? from Denis van Waerebeke on Vimeo.

Dear American Consumers: Please don’t start eating healthfully. Sincerely, the Food Industry | Scientific American Blog Network

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Road Tripping in Turkey, or How to Self-Drive and Survive | EatingAsia

A Healthy Spinach Dip Made with Yogurt, Garlic, and Cilantro | BA Daily: Bon Appétit

A quinoa salad full of spring | Cannelle et Vanille

Appetibilis : Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes

Understanding the myriad microscopic factors inside our bodies that contribute to weight gain and obesity could help curb the epidemic. The Battle of the Bulge | Discoveries Magazine

Coffee addiction: Do people consume too much caffeine? BBC News

Four Essentials of a Healthy Cleanse | Care2 Healthy Living

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On healthy eating in the global food community

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