Ice Wines, Oysters and White Chocolate Allure. Le Milking Tendance.

Winter's coolest harvest :
Eatocracy - Blogs ~ Ice wines, baby! Yes, it’s that time of year again, when hearty Ontario winemakers (and others) freeze their - well, their somethings - off... ~ The Only 7 Things You Need To Know About Oysters. There's the Charming-I-Love-Oysters person, and there's... ~ Beyond the Pale, the unexpected allure of white chocolate and the first bite...

L'Analytique de l'Aliment ~ Le lait en beauté. Le Milking, c’est cette nouvelle tendance qui bouscule YouTube...

The Economist ~ Food for thought : Food companies play an ambivalent part in the fight against flab...

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Italiaca… Spaghetti alla zucchine con tofu : Periodico Italiano Daily ~ Una ricetta vegetariana, per rimettersi in sesto...

Made in Moscow : Salmon roe for breakfast
Recipe & Styling: Orsola Ciriello Kogan, Photo: Lucia Zeccara

“Excellence" is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice.
We do not act "rightly" because we are "excellent",
in fact we achieve "excellence" by acting "rightly".”
~Plato (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Italiaca… Dimagrire come i famosi: 8 diete da (non) seguire dopo le feste : Dissapore ~ Anno nuovo, vita nuova: rimettersi in forma, mangiare sano e tutti i buoni propositi... ~ 20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say). new restaurants are a constant topic of discussion, and everyone wants to tell you...

Details ~ Inspired by Soda Fountains, Bartenders Embrace Acid Phosphate. As bartenders continue to reach ever deeper into the annals of mixology... ~ 28 easy, addicting homemade candy recipes perfect for entertaining crowds or giving as gifts... ~ The Best Things We Ate in 2012. The Bon Appetit staffers amidst their daily indulgences...

Chef Marcus Samuelsson ~ Food Trends of 2012, time to reminisce on all the food times we’ve had and those yet to come...

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
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On healthy eating in the global food community ~ How To Beat Post-Holiday Bloat

BBC News ~ History's weirdest fad diets ~ Few extra kilos may be healthy: experts

BBC News ~ - Does chocolate make you clever?

The Atlantic ~ Study: Another Bad Thing About Fructose

NYC Union Square Greenmarket
NYC Union Square Greenmarket (Photo credit: ockstyle)


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