Food Rules: Chefs, Apps and Gluten Free En Finesse

Michael Pollan's food rules and L. John Harris anxiety-filled) food policies ~ a semi-annual glossy magazine, a digital app, Mr. Keller's gluten free most recent venture ~ game-day spaghetti and meat sauce ...

"We are here and now. Further than that, all knowledge is moonshine." ~H.L. Mencken (

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The renaissance man of food ~ "The only American chef to win three Michelin stars for two restaurants simultaneously" Thomas Keller's New Era of Delicacies |

Pantry notes
Urban Times ~ The Healthy Pantry: Grain-Free Flours

EcoSalon ~ Spätzle: How to Make German Egg Noodles

Eat Italian
The Guardian ~ Know your pasta

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Sport and food
* Food Republic ~ Michael Paddock Cooks Après Shred
* Food Republic ~ Henrik Lundqvist: Rising Restaurant Mogul

Food for thought
Zester Daily ~ Ten Food Commandments

* EcoSalon ~ 20 Genetically Modified Foods Coming to Your Plate
* The Atlantic ~ The Fight to Label Genetically Modified Foods Goes National

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* In The Mix: The Official Blog Of The Craft Guild Of Chefs ~ It just got tougher to be Coeliac UK's Gluten-free Chef of the Year!
* BBC News ~ Oxfordshire coeliacs could lose NHS food prescriptions
* The Atlantic ~ What's Really Making Us Fat?

Bloomberg Businessweek

Appetibilis Farmers' Market - WatermelonsFarmers' Market - Watermelons (Photo credit: ockstyle)
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