Posh Burgers, Goat Meat, a Butcher in Paris and Mindful Eating

Proof of traceability and quality, a crown to celebrity food providers. Burger-mania, the ultimate mystery meat, mindful eating, homemade beer vinegar and its 40-year-old vinegar starter, a self-guided tour of Japan and the art of the tea ceremony. Some easy dish for your Valentine.

"subject to the kind of adulation and argument once reserved for football clubs or Romantic poets"
Food of the gods: posh burgers are back on the menu... When comfort food meets gastronomic perfection | telegraph.co.uk

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“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.”
~Alex Noble (thinkexist.com)

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Food Meditations

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A Cut Above the Rest
Get Your Goat On ~ See for yourself why everybody's new favorite meat has two horns and a goatee... ~ wsj.com

In Paris, One Butcher Is a Cut Above the Rest ~ France has been known for its three-star chefs for decades. Now, French foodies are name-dropping their suppliers... ~ wsj.com

Food for thought
Mindful Eating as Way to Fight Bingeing ~ A concept based on Buddhist teachings encourages people to eat slowly, paying close attention to the sensation and... ~ nytimes.com

Travel bites
Jeffrey Steingarten: Turning Japanese ~ Jeffrey Steingarten eats his way through exalted restaurants, humble street food—and everything in between... ~ vogue.com

Mastering the art of Japanese tea ~ eatocracy.cnn.com

Liquid gold
Happy Sour: Sean Brock’s PBR Vinegar ~ Made from his grandma’s 40-year old starter... ~ foodrepublic.com

The Trouble With Tasting Wine ~ A new book reveals why you can’t trust your tongue... ~ foodrepublic.com

Pantry notes
It’s simple, dude: Cook for her ~ Easy dishes that look dazzling and taste delicious... ~ charlotteobserver.com

How to use your leftover egg whites ~ What to do?... ~ washingtonpost.com

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* New Guide to Who Really Shouldn't Eat Gluten ~ wsj.com
* Good Food Essentials: Shop Wisely, Cook Simply, Eat Well ~ nrdc.org
* Sugar, cheese and other dietary demons ~ washingtonpost.com
* Foods that are good--and bad--for your heart ~ washingtonpost.com

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London UK, Zuma Sashimi PrepLondon UK, Zuma Sashimi Prep (Photo credit: ockstyle)
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