Food Trends n Foods In Everyday Lives. If Pizza Is a Vegetable ...

Food classics with a twist ~
11 Food and Drink Trends of 2011

"For one thing, when did kale get so hot? ... And meatballs?"

After an year of eating and drinking, here are some reoccurring food and drink themes and concepts ...
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Food For A Fraction Of The Cost

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable."
~Thomas Foxwell Buxton (

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Food Meditations

Foods in everyday lives
~ This year brought us higher food prices at unprecedented levels, crops and ...
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~ Now is the time of the year for foodies and food writers to put their own stamp on what is a well-practiced look-ahead ...
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~ In 2011, it was a combination of comfort foods, trendy treats and Delhi dishes ...
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~ Chefs will get more famous, the noodle house will reign supreme, and the wheels will come off the food-truck craze ...
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Travel bites
On the long pine table in the centre of Delicatessen in downtown Moscow ...
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~ What do you expect to be some of the top news and trends in 2012 ...
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~ A good year-end trend list should do two things simultaneously: confirm the conscientious reader's suspicions ...
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~ If Pizza Is a Vegetable, This Is My New Favorite Salad Bar;
~ Food Trends 2012 - Is the Fast Food Industry Going Upscale?
~ thefoodpeople release 2012 food trend predictions;
~ Food Trends 2012: Custom French Fries and Grilled Cheese Infused Vodka;

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Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
~ Research claims that diabetics should take more vitamin B12 daily;
~ Probiotics Benefit More Than Just the Gut;

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