Anchovy, Caviar Pizza, Pickling Brine, Winter Squash and the Sense of Smell

Dig into comfort ~
Party Hearty: One-Pot Dishes for Easy Entertaining

"Pot-au-Feu: The layers of flavor in this exalted French family meal"

Place these one-pot wonders on the table and let your friends dig into comfort. Even more comforting: You'll have fewer dishes to do ...
Read more: Party Hearty: One-Pot Dishes for Easy Entertaining;

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“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion” ~Henry David Thoreau (

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Food Meditations

One Card. One Price. Endless Fun!

The Italian ways
Scallops and tomatoes with spaghetti does not quite do it. Enter pane grattugiato, laced with anchovies ...
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High road
Forget fancy spoons and mother of pearl, caviar rocks out pizza and bagels (but not pizza bagels) ...
Read more: Caviar Pizza? New High-Low Recipes for All Types of Roe;

Everything pickles
Extra pickling brine became a very happy accident in Rebecca Orchant’s cocktailing life ...
Read more: Pickle Mania: Gibson Garnish;

Pantry notes
~ Cooking With Winter Squash: 6 Varieties, 6 Very Different Recipes;

~ With autumn in the air, we will inevitably see a sudden wealth of goods on store shelves and out at eateries flavored with that seminal, seasonal squash ...
Read more: Five Ways to Cook With Pumpkin (Hint: Don't Use Your Jack O' Lantern);

Food for thought
~ Losing her sense of smell helped one food author appreciate how all our senses contribute to cooking ...
Read more: Lost Sense of Smell Opens Food Author's Eyes;

~ When you make people food with your hands, it can help them feel better ...
Read more: Showing Compassion Through The Gift Of Food;

How should a person smell?
Learning that scent creation is like cooking, in that it is about balance ...
Read more: Mintz: Cooking piques olfactory interest for perfume connoisseurs;

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
~ Best Gluten Free Chili Recipes;
~ Can Coffee Ease Asthma Symptoms?
~ Eating Healthy: Whose Choice Should It Be?

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