Secret Ingredient, 100 Calories Below, Recipe Clutter, The Magic "Maybe" Bag, ...

From Tech to Table:
The Secret Ingredient in SF's Increasingly Vibrant Food Scene

"More under the radar, but perhaps as influential, was the group of young, local tech elites Oliver had come to dine with"

A few months ago, Jamie Oliver ... stepped out of a black town car to have dinner at quaint, little Bar Jules ...
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"Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds." ~George Eliot (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

100 calories below
You may avert your eyes from them, or purposefully cover them up when you're scanning the menu at your favorite restaurant ...
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Recipe Clutter
Home cooks have more places than ever to go to find recipes—which in some kitchens has led to a bit of a problem ...
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The magic "maybe" bag
Avoska – or rather avos’ka with a soft “s” – is a Russian-only word used to describe a string bag that resembles a basketball net ...
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Week's reading
For anyone who loves to read, or eat, or both, Anka Muhlstein’s terrific Balzac’s Omelet is a must ...
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London’s Pub Theaters
Pub theaters remain a beloved part of the play-making tradition in England, especially London ...
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Food notes
~ The end of the traditional British bacon buttie is a scary prospect for most of us, but it could become a reality ...
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~ What the shell! It’s Eggzilla;

Gluten-Free notes
~ There is good reason for gluten to loom large in current health lore ...
Read more: David Katz, M.D.: Is Gluten-Free Just A Fad?

Healthy corner
~ Despite the many eyesores of modernity a la strip malls, parking lots and drive thrus, we actually do live in a breathtakingly beautiful world ...
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~ Take food advice with pinch of salt;

Food for thought
Boston chefs raise bees to supply restaurants’ own honey ...
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~ Recipes: Summer on a skewer;

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