Seafood Notes: GM Salmon, Menhaden and The Lionfish Invasion.

Is GM Salmon a Vital Part of Our Future?
"as seafood demand continues to rise and the wild ocean catch plateaus, you can be certain that the emphasis on aquaculture will continue to grow"
Aquaculture — fish farming — is an increasingly essential part of our global food system ...
Read more: Are Genetically Modified Fish a Vital Part of Our Future?

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day.
Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.”
~Chinese Proverbs (

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Seafood notes
~ Fish are the last wild food, but our oceans are being picked clean. Can farming fish take the place of catching them? ...
Read more: The End of the Line;

~ How Virginia's permissive legislation is destroying the menhaden -- and the Atlantic's ecosystem ...
Read more: The disappearing fish we should worry about;

~ Invasive fish are a serious threat to our oceans—and eating them is one way to fight back ...
Read more: Lionfish Invasion: A Guide to Hunting & Fishing;

Chocolate, Vanilla, or … Garlic?
Ice-cream makers take a turn toward the savory side ...
Read more: The Wildest Ice-Cream Flavors;

Familiar motifs
~ German artist Sarah Illenberger has a series of posters dedicated to making food appear as recognizable objects...
Read more: Whimsical Food Photography;

~ The Art of Food;

Food stories
~ While reading an interview with a Swedish food stylist and cookbook author, Monica Eisenman ...
Read more: What is the American Food Identity? It's Changing;

Pantry notes
~ Fumes of flavour;
~ Popsicles, granitas and more: Chill out with alternatives to ice cream;
~ How to Choose Foods That Help Maintain Your Beauty: 12 steps (with video);

~ Chefs' Top Fishing Equipment;

Gluten Free Notes
~ Celiac Disease and Skin;

Healthy corner
~ Brown Rice vs White Rice;
~ Benefits of drinking water are a myth;

Food for thought
~ Season of Birth and Anorexia;
~ Deepak Chopra: Weekly Health Tip: Mercury In Fish -- How Much Is Too Much?;

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