On The Menu : Pig Ears, Quinoa and Moscow Food Scene

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Moscow's Best Restaurants, From Formal to Funky

"Privately owned restaurants didn't open in Moscow until the late 1980s, and even then, few could afford to eat in them"

Thinking you're ready to dig in the Russian restaurant scene where, sometimes and unfortunately, style is favoured over substance? But this is another story...
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"The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization." ~Sigmund Freud (quotegarden.com)

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On the menu
Ever eaten a hot dog? Then you've probably eaten pig ears...
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Holiday tables
The Passover seder can seem challenging for plant-based souls...
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Chef talk
~ "The first time I ate at Prune on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, my brunch arrived in a series of crinkled, metallic old-fashioned squeeze tubes..."
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~ Marcus Wareing is one of the UK's most talented and respected chefs...
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~ One of the amazing things about being a chef is being part of a larger community...
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Travel bites
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Healthy corner
~ According to the Dietitians of Canada, most Canadians only get half of the fibre they need each day...
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~ Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong; mensjournal.com

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