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"When you go out to eat at a restaurant you don't want to feel overwhelmed by choice"

Blinded by choice whenever you eat out? Not anymore, with these tips from Gael Greene, a restaurant critic and food blogger credited for inventing the word 'foodie'...
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"The passing minute is every man's equal possession but what has once gone by is not ours." ~Marcus Aurelius (

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Holiday's at

Specialty ingredients
When you hear the word "meat," what comes to mind? Steaks? Hamburgers? Pork chops?...
Read more: Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh, Yum!;

A hearty celebration
Obsession with seasonal produce excludes the ethnic cuisine that's become the backbone of modern British food...
Read more: Seasonal produce: Think local, eat global;

From a cookbook reviewer
Here you'll find attempts to answer two basic questions: What makes a cookbook awful? What makes a cookbook great?...
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Umami talks
Experts from around the world share their thoughts on umami and original recipes where umami is brought to life...
Read more: Flavio Solórzano:: ExpertView;

Holiday table
In Australia, as it can be very hot at Christmas, the traditional meal consists of baked ham, accompanied by grainy mustard, cranberry sauce and a simple salad...
Read more: Skye Gyngell: The pud, the ham and the bubbly;

~ The Best Christmas Recipes;

Cooking stories
~ Chef David Magill from The Italian Kitchen and Bar reveals his favourite dishes - both extravagant and surprisingly simple...
Read more: Five minutes with: David Magill;

~ Diana Yen and Lisel Arroyo sit perched in a candlelit corner of Carroll Gardens bar Brooklyn Social sipping old-fashioned bourbon cocktails...
Read more: A Winter's Feast: Recipes from The Jewels of New York;

Food for thought
More than 30 jewelry retailers teamed up with Earthworks, an environmental non-profit, in taking the Bristol Bay Pledge...
Read more: Jewelers Choose Salmon Over Gold;

~ TV cook Nigella Lawson has admitted she is not really a domestic goddess, is ‘quite slapdash’ at home and hated food as a child...
Read more: Nigella Lawson: I hated food and can't iron;

~ Toasting Fannie Farmer With An Epic Victorian Feast;

Blogosphere notes
~ Positive Eating: A Forward of Sorts;
~ Liza de Guia: A Lesson on Playing with Your Food;
~ How right is the customer who blogs?

Healthy corner
~ ...chemical present in food and drinks which has been linked to breast cancer, fertility problems and other illnesses...
Read more: Europe tightens 'gender bender' chemical rules;

From the mixer
~ 10 iPhone Apps for the Global Foodie;
~ Chefs Name Top Food & Restaurant Trends Of 2010;

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Bites - Puff Pastry with Snow Peas Savoury Tar...Image by ockstyle via Flickr
~ Barley Mushroom Risotto;
~ Gnocchi con Patate e Zucca con Ragu' alla Bolognese (Potato and Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Bolognese Sauce);
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~ Salmon Hash with Poached Eggs;
~ Swedish Pancake;

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