No-Tech Food, Pesto and ... Everything Uni (Sea Urchin, Riccio di Mare, ...)

Never thought you could have too much basil? ~
Beyond Pesto - New Ideas for Basil ~

"Basil is at home in dressings, gratins and a wide variety of dishes, and pesto alla Genovese for the freezer is the obvious solution, but don’t reserve pesto just for pasta"

Every week on the Recipes for Health page on Facebook, readers report about the weekly produce deliveries from local farms...
Read more: Beyond Pesto - New Ideas for Basil;

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Chef's Resources
~ Availability, flavor profile and taste of fresh Sea Urchin, a unique and exotic culinary delight...
Read more: Sea Urchin Flavor, Roe & Description;

~ Other Names: Achinós (Greek); erizo de mar (Spanish); morskoy yezh (Russian); orsino, riccio di mare (Italian); oursin (French); uni (Japanese)...
Read more: Sea urchin;

With the fresh arrival to the top kitchens in Europe of oysters, game, root vegetables and various assortments of fungi, ranging from mushrooms to truffles...
Read more: Creating a Seasonal Menu;

~ Red and green sea urchin is fished primarily for its gonads (reproductive organs) or “roe”...
Read more: Sea Urchin Roe - Seafood Watch;

~ Red sea urchins, one of the largest members of the urchin family, can grow up to 9.4 inches (24 cm) in diameter (including spines)...
Read more: Sea urchin (California);

The quest for wild sea urchins
Bear Island, a remote island in Maine’s Penobscot Bay with rocky bluffs, beaches, freshwater marshes, meadows, and spruce forest....
Read more: (Low) Tech Cooking: Foraging for Uni;

Sea urchins are plentiful in Carribean, but they come in different varieties, and I have been told that not all are edible. Can you tell me which (if any) are edible, and how to prepare them?...
Read more: Andrew Zimmern Responds to Readers;

Chef Rick Stein learns how to cook a delicious Italian fish-based pasta dish with sincerely al-dente spaghetti and sea urchin roes...
More on Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escape, BBC: Sea Urchin Roe Pasta;

World Bites
~ A 'riccio' is a hedgehog in Italian. A 'riccio al mare' is a sea hedgehog or in other words a sea urchin...
Read more: Tagliolini pasta sea urchin recipe;

~ A niçoise salad has all the right ingredients for the perfect summer meal...
Read more: L'amour at first bite;

From the Mixer
~ Green Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis) in Maine;
~ Amazing sea urchin, 100 million years old!;
~ Insect Dinners - Waiter, There’s Soup in My Bug;

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Appetibilis - Appetizing Posts of the Day

~ A Luxury Dinner Party, paired with beer;
~ Fantasy seafood pasta;
~ Sea Cucumber & Sea Urchin;
~ Tuna, Sea Urchin, Eel, Salmon - Oh My!;
~ Video: Cleaning Sea Urchins (The Horror!);

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Sea Urchin on FoodistaSea Urchin

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