Food Culture and Why French Can't Do Sexy, (Culinary Speaking)

Between the sea bed and the salty water ~
Oysters Come Back in Vogue

"In The Ebb and Flow of Popular Food Culture, These Mollusks Are Once Again Enjoying a Renaissance"

In the Cornish village of Falmouth, England, are thousands of visitors looking forward to taste the native or flat oyster, a saucer-shaped mollusk sought after by the Romans for improving the complexion...
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"The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment." ~Warren G. Bennis (

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New York Pass

Recreating a 19th Century Meal
Chef Chris Kimball, founder of "America's Test Kitchen," immersed himself and cooked his way through history investigating the ingredients and the techniques of late 19th century America...
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“Non-Sexy” Theory
For Pascal Aussignac, chef/proprietor of London’s Club Gascon, the problem is that French just can’t do sexy...
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Food for Thought
Author Richard Louv argues that today’s children suffer from “nature deficit disorder”, citing studies that show how time spent in natural settings reduces the occurrence of attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder in children, and ...
Read more: Down and Dirty: Are Corporate Gardens the Next Big Thing?;

The Great Debate
Does the food you eat on foreign holidays ultimately make you yearn for the diverse excitement of eating in Britain?...
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Dietary Staple
Harvesting acorns for Dotorimuk, or acorn jelly — a yard-to-table Korean delicacy....
Read more: What the Squirrels Know: Acorns for Dinner;

The Beauty of an Egg
Whether quickly scrambled or gently fried, it is a meal in itself that takes no time at all to prepare...
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Corporate World
Here’s a food riddle: When is high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) not high-fructose corn syrup? When it’s “corn sugar...
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Appuntamento al buio - Blind Date
TrattoNero restaurant opened this past summer inside the Insitute for the Blind in Milan. Meals are served in a completely dark dining room...
Read more: Guess who is coming to dinner?;

Culinary Globetrotting
The chill of fall is in the air in Istanbul, which also means that good stuff is happening in the waters near the city...
Read more: Black Sea Anchovy Time in Istanbul;

Bento Art
~ Bento boxes, for the uninitiated, are small lunches arranged in compact compartments...
Read more: Bento Art: Fantastically Geeky Lunches;
~ A list popular bento food recipes...
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From the Mixer
~ Meat Hair.;
~ The Origins of 10 Food Phrases;
~ ‘Real food’ popular, according to group’s surveys;

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Appetibilis - Appetizing Posts of the Day

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