Mushroom, Truffle and Oktoberfest : Seasonal Delicacy and Fine Beers

Market Watch ~
A Bumper Crop of Matsutakes

"Much of the mystique around matsutakes derives from their aroma, suggestive of the forests in which they grow"

Aromatic matsutakes, a seasonal delicacy prized by the Japanese, rank among the elite of true wild mushrooms — along with porcini...
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"Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden." ~Robert Brault, (

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High-Quality Fungus
Gourmets in Italy and beyond are licking their lips in anticipation of a bumper crop this year of the most prized culinary delicacy of all, the white truffle...
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Fungi's Season
With the cooler weather and rain of the past few weeks, mushrooms — like oysters, puffballs and reishi — have been popping up throughout the five boroughs...
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Halloween party or harvest feast?
You decide. Celebrate the flavors and colors of fall with this spectacular seasonal menu. Since Fright Night falls...

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Fall Flavors
~ Oktoberfest - The first festival in 1810 was thrown to commemorate the marriage of German Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese...
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~ Puzzling and fascinating, delicious and occasionally deadly, the mushroom brings life out of decay. How will you mark the season?...
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~ It's the headiest and most blood-soaked of spices. How do you use nutmeg and mace?...
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Did You Know?
~ The Pharaohs thought they were food from heaven; the Romans spread them throughout their Empire and...
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~ This month, you'll find the humble mushroom all dressed up in pink containers at your local supermarket, in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month...
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~ Mushrooms are a type of funghi. There are many different varieties, including those that can be picked in the wild, as well as cultivated...
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Purity in the Plate
Chef Alain Ducasse on finding a simpler menu among the familiar sumptuous surroundings of his restaurants. Definitively going-back to essentials...

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Comfort Cooking
~ Not an ordinary pot pie - Puff pastry crust that came out high, golden and flaky. Wild mushrooms, carrots and potatoes in a deeply flavored mushroom stock...
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~ In a mellow mood: Skye Gyngell cooks with pumpkin and beetroot;

~ Roasted Salmon with Oyster Mushrooms in Red Wine Recipe;

From the Blogosphere
~ A Roundup of Mushrooms;
~ Finding Fall Mushrooms;
~ Chantrelle Mushrooms and Kale Pizza;
~ Recipe: Sun-Dried Tomato and Lobster Mushroom Risotto;

Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes TarteletteImage by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis - Appetizing Posts of the Day

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