1. Autumn, 2. Oysters, 3. Hungover and ... ahhh! Pumpkins, Again!

See and taste the world in a new way ~
Your hungover cookbook ~

"Groan, gulp down some water, tea or coffee, fruit juice and/or Coke, painkillers and possibly a bloody mary. Then the solids"

A new recipe book offers some creative hangover cures, but surely real drinkers don't zest lemons on the morning after the night before...
Read more: Your hungover cookbook; guardian.co.uk

"Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river." ~Malagasy Proverb (quotegarden.com)

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Pop-up restaurants
Another October, another art fair, and this year once again will be fronting the pop-up restaurant at the Frieze Art Show in London...
Read more: Once bitten: Mark Hix's guide to autumn's most delicious canap├ęs; independent.co.uk

A briny delicacy
Stone Crabs are back in season. The tasty crustacean takes its annual hiatus from March 15 to October 15 in order to allow claws to regenerate...
Read more: All Hail the Stone Crab; thedailybeast.com

Food for thought
One single component in the total water footprint of humanity stands out: the water footprint related to food...
Read more: The Water Footprint of Food; slowfood.com

~ This week's Falmouth Oyster Festival celebrates the start of the season and one of the last remaining fisheries to dredge for the shellfish by sailing boat...
Read more: Sailing into Cornwall's oyster season; guardian.co.uk

~ Over the deck of a century-old restored skipjack and popular hands-on showcase of the sprawling, 18-acre Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Md...
Read more: This year, gardening includes oysters; washingtonpost.com


In season
~ Now let’s be honest — for most of us, that means leftover pumpkin season is here, too — because how many times can you make boring old pumpkin pie?...
Read more: 100 pumpkin recipes; endlesssimmer.com

~ One of the treasures of the October garden - and the kitchen - is the winter squash. But which one?...
Read more: Groundwork: A winter squash named Cushaw; washingtonpost.com

~ A slide show of recipes featuring one of the most popular fall ingredients. What you might not have expected are a couple of savory recipes in addition to sweets...
Read more: Homage to the Apple: 10 Recipes; theatlantic.com

Food notes
A bit of basic anatomy...
I’ve noticed that some of you are a little confused about gastronomy and could use an education...
Read more: Food 101: The Mouth (A.K.A. the Gateway to Gastronomy); ruthbourdain.tumblr.com

Sometimes, what you add to a dish to complement it is as important as the dish itself. Store-bought condiments are okay, but sauces are even better if you make your own...
Read more: 14 Sauce Recipes, From Avgolemono to Zhug; theatlantic.com

Food myths
The Food Lab's all about clearing up culinary misinformation; separating the old wives' tales from the old wives that keep telling them...
Read more: The Food Lab's Top 6 Food Myths; seriouseats.com

Huddle Collaboration

Healthy corner
~ Why is Good Nutrition Important? Importance of Good Nutrition; about.com
~ School Cafs Use Psych to Entice Healthy Choices; time.com

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