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From macarons to musk ox - the food trends to keep you ahead of the fashion pack

"Hunting out for the chicest cakes, craziest cookbooks, coolest cocktails, snacks, macarons or whoopie pies"

Food has never been more fashionable – being seen in the right restaurant is as essential to the glossy posse as carrying the right handbag...

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"Don't think you're on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path." ~Author Unknown (*)

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Have u been served?
Making healthy food is easy. Making people eat it is not. What nutritionists would describe as “far too much”, consumers would describe as “yummy”...
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First things first
Devilled kidneys, Welsh rabbit, kedgeree – a band of culinary movers and shakers is determined to return these old favourites to glory...
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What’s cooking in 2010? Early trends from the food world’s biggest convention like bacon chocolate bars, coconut milk, gluten-free pasta...

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German menu
Pork reign supreme on Germany's menus, here a lighter, healthier take on Teutonic cuisine...
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In season
There is nothing at the farmers market that sums up the late summer-early fall season like the mounds of...
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Flight + Hotel = SAVE

Sweet Peppers
Whether red, orange, yellow or green, the brilliant tints of these gleaming fruits are largely responsible for their nutritional appeal...
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Preparing for Austral summer
~ With the weather heating up, panicking at the prospect of cozzies and spending time on the beach...
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Stove Notes:
A watery omelette with dried herbs was Simon Hopkinson’s favourite meal as a boy. But there are better ways to crack an egg...

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~ Losing weight means you have to exercise more or eat less, or a combination of the two. Regular snacks...
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~ The warm summer months are ideally suited to starting your raw food adventure with the season’s cornucopia...
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from the mixer
~ Convincing others that bugs are tasty, and good for you, too—high in protein, low in fat and good for the environment...
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~ Award-winning town—where residents enjoy great food as much the great outdoors...
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Autumn Flavours

As the leaves turn to brilliant colours of amber and crimson, gather round the table and enjoy...

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the healthy corner
~ The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, is charged with coming up with recommendations that will update the food pyramid....
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~ Replacing bread and pasta with calories from animal protein and fat may increase risk of early death from cancer and heart disease, a new study reports...
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