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"It seems that young women, especially those in urban areas, are those most readily able to eschew fears in search of the golden glory..."

It takes a certain kind of zaniness and bravery to consider being a beekeeper. ...
Read more: 5 Benefits to Beekeeping; food.change.org

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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi (*)ThinkExist.com

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Tokyo's Ginza district is abuzz with shoppers, office workers and yet, high above its skyscrapers, nature-lovers have created a home for real bees, the ones that make honey. ...
Read more: Beekeepers add buzz to Japanese urban jungle; grist.org

The Healing Properties Of Liquid Gold
Beekeeping classes from Medina, Ohio, to the suburbs of Washington, D.C., and New York are seeing an unexpected shift in enrollment. ...
Read more: Healing Honey And The Beekeeping Craze; npr.org

Essential Kitchen Skills
There are people who claim they "can't even boil water." They say it in jest, as a preposterous example of how poorly they cook. ...
Read more: Become a Better Cook: The Right Way to Boil Water; shine.yahoo.com

Flowering Plants and Insects
Gardeners are being urged to plant more flowers that bloom in summer, mow their lawns less often as research reveals that honey bees have to travel further to find food at this time of year. ...
Read more: Plant flowers to help bees find food in summer; telegraph.co.uk

Beekeeping Operations
Catharine Reeves may be a government worker by day, but in her own time she is doing all she can to save the bees. ...
Read more: Saving Bees: Population Decline Being Fought By Ordinary Citizens (VIDEO); huffingtonpost.com

Small-Scale Apiculture
Farm’s honey program a sweet proposition for chefs and future honeybee population ...
Read more: Gold rush: from beehive to table; suntimes.com

Prohibited Animals (?!?)
For the first time in more than a decade, New York’s beekeepers are claiming their summer perches on the city’s rooftops. ...
Read more: Sweet Honey on the Block; nytimes.com

Food for Thought
I make honey—or rather, my bees make honey, and I enjoy the fruits of their labor by sharing it with my nearest and dearest. ...
Read more: Honey’s Big Night; latimesmagazine.com

Insect Festival
Pestival – the Glastonbury of the natural world – is a three-day festival that draws together scientists, researchers, artists, ...
Read more: Observer Ethical Awards: Pestival, Conservation Project of the Year; guardian.co.uk

The Honey Euphemism
Can vegans who eat honey still call themselves vegan? ...
Read more: The Great Vegan Honey Debate; seriouseats.com

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From the Bookshelves
~ Eating crocodile in Holland; barbied kangaroo at Uluru, mountain oysters in Wyoming, but tongue ...
Read more: The language of food; ft.com

Food on Film
Amid all the septic-tank gags, Meet the Parents had one standout scene—at De Niro's dinner table, where a nervous Ben Stiller delivers an excruciating soliloquy ...
Read more: Dinner For Schmucks: A comedy for idiots, about idiots; slate.com

~ Until recently food was invisible as a political issue but something is stirring now. Michael Pollan reviews five books that address the food movement ...
Read more: Michael Pollan: The Mighty Rise of the Food Revolution; alternet.org

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

~ Crispy Duck Salad With Green Beans and Honeyed Almonds; nytimes.com
~ Gordon's honey glazed ham; bbcgoodfood.com
~ Honeyed Snap Beans with Roasted Corn and Radish; Vegetable Matter
~ Lavender-Honey Glazed Chicken; suntimes.com
~ Winter Citrus Salad With Honey Dressing; nytimes.com

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