Culinary Journey: North America, Scotland, Taiwan, ... (On the Road to the Future)

Food Events ~

Saving tomorrow's oceans with today's dishes ~

"Like Woodstock for Gourmands - chefs and foodies soaking in the sun, sharing stories around a bonfire and sleeping in tents"

In early September, 500 chefs and foodies will head to Providence Farm, on Vancouver Island, for the second annual Canadian Chefs' Congress: “Oceans for Tomorrow.” ...
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"Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs." - Ansel Adams (*)

Can You Find The Free Secret VitaTop Sample

Food for Thought
Biodiversity is more than a catchword, a liberal conceit, or a sentimental love of nature. It's a matter of life and death. ...
Read more: Staving Off Extinction;

Orkney Crab
Catching crab in northernmost Scotland is a test of nerves, even on the sunniest of days ...
Read more: Catching and cooking Orkney crab;

Italian Cuisine
Pici are essentially fat, hand-rolled spaghetti. The name comes from Tuscany, and it has a lookalike in Umbria the locals call stringozzi. ...
Read more: A Rustic Handmade Pasta for Beginners;

True Calling
In their mid-30s, some executives suddenly get religion. J. Ping got Italy and brought it to Taichung, Taiwan ...
Read more: The Italian Job, Taiwan Style;

Hungry Traveler
A trip to Dallas to report on a new show, turned into an opportunity to sample a range of what the city has to offer the hungry traveler ...
Read more: On the Road | Dallas Eats;

Food Heaven
Provence! It conjures memories of fields of lavender abounding in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. ...
Read more: Four Provence Chefs that Make us Ooh and Aah;

Eating Habits
Angelina’s tried cockroaches, Paul Newman mixed his own salad dressings at the table, and Andy Warhol was a sugar addict. ...
Read more: Famous People and the Weird Food They Eat: What the Great Ate;

Food Trends
Woe to the unfortunate eaters who faithfully followed the past decade's dining trends: Smaller portions, rising prices and the unabated craze for comfort food ...
Read more: The Decade in Restaurant Trends;

Experiencing Foods
~ Discovering Rambutans. The fruits belong to the same family as lychees and longans, (Sapindaceae). Peeled, the three fruits are hard to differentiate. Unpeeled, ...
Read more: Cracking The Lychee Nut;

~ Perhaps you've noticed that the acai berry is suddenly everywhere -- as a juice, lurking in your tea, and hawked alongside ...
Read more: What IS the Acai Berry, Anyway?;

News from the Mixer
~ Lora Zarubin's picks for the best snacks and beverages for summer, including Spanish beers, Scoops gelato, Argentine grilling ...
Read more: palate—July 2009;

~ Truth in Advertising - An article from the New Haven Independent reports on Yale Dining's new initiative, the Uncommon Market, and how its inaccurate labels tout fruits and vegetables from across the continent as "local." ...
Read more: Tomatogate: Toward Truth in Food Advertising;

~ La Vita Cucinare: Life Lived to Cook ...
Read more: Lollapalooza does food right;

Citrus Carpaccio, [o]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

~ Arugula Pesto Recipe; Simply Recipes
~ Banning Shark Fins from Shark Fin Soup;
~ Colorful, Crunchy Apple and Chicken Salad with Fresh Mint and Basil; Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right
~ Pantry Fish Cakes; Food & Passion... The Diary of a Food Enthusiast
~ Pesto Chicken Salad; Natalie's Killer Cuisine

Melon With Lavender Syrup on FoodistaMelon With Lavender Syrup

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