Italian Cooking Tales: Once Upon a Time ... il Tiramisù!

A Classic Tale ~

il Tiramisù ~

"Strawberries pile in with the ladyfingers and the mascarpone, and a fizzy moscato stands in for the espresso. ..."

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PS: Probably starting with PASTA would have been the obvious way but, while checking my favorite 'Good Appetite' NYTimes column, I saw a delicious variation on a theme of one of the most diffused home-made desserts, at least in Italy, il Tiramisù.

The legend calls for the origin of Tiramisù in Siena as la 'Zuppa del Duca', or the Duke's Pudding. The dessert made for the Medici's family was an immediate success, for its alleged aphrodisiac properties, ergo, almost therapeutically, was to be enjoyed before any romantic rendezvous, (tête-à-tête).

It's not clear when we start calling it Tiramisù, but the link with its invigorating properties make it apparent: tira-mi-sù = pull-me-up.

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