Eating Well: Labels, Health, Comfort and a Bunch of Nuts, (the Healthy one!)

Consumer Affairs ~ Food companies in massive lobby to block colour-coded warnings

Food manufacturers have been pouring millions of pounds into a last-ditch attempt to block a European plan to put red warning labels on junk food. ...
Read more: Food companies in massive lobby to block colour-coded warnings;

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Diet and Nutrition
In spite of all the information and all the prescriptions offered by modern diets, American people just keep getting fatter. ...
Read more: 9 Factors Affecting Your Metabolism;

Superfruit and Health
Scientists researching how berries benefit our health, with fiber, vitamin C; not to mention great taste ...
Read more: Digging deeper into superfruits;

Nuts News, (the Healthy)
For Benefits of Tree Nuts, two handfuls a day may do more to lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides than one ...
Read more: For Nut Benefits, More Is Better;

Health Claims on Food Labels
The Institute of Medicine recommends a scientific crackdown on misleading food labels. ...
Read more: Health Claims for Foods Aren't Held to the Same Standard as for Drugs. Should They Be?;

You might not know it…but that orange you ate with breakfast was alkalizing to your system. And that’s a good thing. ...
Read more: Diet and the Acid-Alkaline Balance; You Can Avoid Chronic Diseases;

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Healthier products offer
Many health leaders have urged food makers to reformulate their products to reduce salt. ...
Read more: Food makers cut unhealthy ingredients;

Science of snacking
Salty or sweet? Whether you go for cheesy chips or chocolate, your mind is hardwired to want ...
Read more: How to beat cravings;

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