A Taste of Turkey, Cuba and the Octopus Way

Smile, breathe and go slowly. ~Thich Nhat Hanh(*)


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A Culinary Revival in Istanbul

The city's Ottoman restaurants rediscover a legendary cuisine with cosmopolitan roots
"The cuisine's revival comes as many people in Istanbul are becoming more interested in their Ottoman heritage."
Elegant restaurants along the Bosphorus prepare fish beautifully and plainly, in a Mediterranean style similar to that of Italy or Greece. ...
... In Beyoglu, Istanbul's nightlife hub, tables are cluttered with tavern food in tapas-like portions. ...
Full Story: A Culinary Revival in Istanbul; WSJ.com

Culinary News
No Visa Needed For Good Cuban Food
Great Cuban food thrives in exile communities in Florida and New Jersey.
The recipes of this hearty, humble cooking draw from Caribbean, African, Spanish and American influences. Rich in beans, rice, plantains, lime and blood orange, with sauces such as sofrito, deliciously addictive. Few recipes are included
With Congress considering relaxing its nearly 50-year-old restrictions on travel to Cuba, many Americans, including me, are salivating at the prospect of visiting the forbidden island. ...
Full Story: No Visa Needed For Good Cuban Food; NPR.org

Octopalooza: Eight Arms Three Ways
Baby octopus are tender and easy to handle, as squid should be cooked over high heat very quickly or for a long time at low heat. Recipes for grilled baby octopus and an octopus stew with peas and red wine included.
The enlightened Buddhist entity known as Avalokiteshvara has 1,000 arms, the better to relieve suffering. Kali, goddess of change, has 10, the better to create and ...
Full Story: Octopalooza: Eight Arms Three Ways; NPR.org

See Also: Baby Octopus Recipes; RecipesHunter.net

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