Japanese Junk Food, Healthful Snacks and Forbidden Foods

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Health on WashingtonPost.com
Healthful kitchen must-haves
Five Healthful snacks - We all know blueberries and broccoli are healthful additions to our diet. But how about cacao, quinoa and sardines?

Some foods are simply better than others. So we put this question to three local nutrition experts: If you could pick just a handful of ingredients to incorporate into your clients' diets, what would they be? Here are items that can have a long-term effect on health and well-being, ...
Full Story: ...
... Healthful kitchen must-haves; By Denise DiFulco

Abroad on Matador Network
13 Classic Japanese Junk Foods

For the munchie addict, Japan is a Disneyland of treats.
Dagashi is the nostalgic, old time junk food without pretense– the kind many Japanese adults today probably bought as children at a nearby mom and pop shops decades ago.
Alas, kids get more money from their parents these days and want the newer and fancier snacks, causing many old dagashi shops to close. ...
Full Story: 13 Classic Japanese Junk Foods; by Pele Omori

Food on the ChicagoTribune.com
Forbidden Foods
Barely Legal but Delicious: An interesting slide-show displaying food and drink listed as "Forbidden".

For some, there is no seasoning so seductive as proscription.
Forbidden fruits just taste better. ...
Full List: Forbidden Foods; by Monica Eng

Italian Pizza on FastCasual.com
Pizza and beer night, reinvented
Pizzerias put more craft brews on tap - As craft American brews increase in popularity, restaurateurs are teaming them with pizza dishes to increase their bottom lines. The pizzerias also hope that offering more local and craft brews will help them entice patrons who otherwise would frequent bars.

Pizza and beer are age-old companions whose affiliation is anything but stale. Now that craft American brews have garnered enough popularity ...
Full Story: Pizza and beer night, reinvented

Food & Drink on the WSJ.com
Mixed Grill
Foods that are enjoyed in the rest of the world are considered strange by most Americans. A Finnish specialty is fermented shark, rats are common fare in China, and in Ecuador and Peru, guinea pigs are often cooked and served on a spit.

Flying ants and preserved shark: a global tasting menu
Compared with most of the world, Americans are truly picky eaters. We eat little goat—one of the world's most common meats. And for all our love of beef and chicken, we eat a meager percentage of these animals. Meanwhile,soup thickened with goose blood is a Swedish favorite, ...
Full Story: Mixed Grill; By KATY MCLAUGHLIN

Diner's Journal Blog on the NYTimes.com
When Seal Is on the Menu
Canada's seal of approval - Several restaurants in Canada serve seal and, according to restaurateurs, many people who order it are tourists from France. The European Union recently banned imports of commercially caught seal products from Canada, a move that made seal more popular, but also more controversial.

In order to write about seal on Montreal restaurant menus, I would have to try it. And I had misgivings.
I was well aware of efforts by the Humane Society of the United States, as well as other groups, ...
Full Story: When Seal Is on the Menu; By Micheline Maynard


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