American Cuisine, Cooking Basic and How Confusing Health Advice Can Be.

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The A-Z of conflicting health advice
As we get access to more information we are receiving more and more conflicting facts/datas/studies. Every week a new scientific study appears, apparently invalidating previously done studies. Very confusing!
Here's a list that is trying to clear some of the basics.

Every week, it seems a scientific study appears disproving what last week's study showed.
Yesterday saw a classic medical volte face: aspirin, which has been prescribed to millions of people over the decades as a protective measure ...
Full Story: ...
... The A-Z of conflicting health advice; By Jeremy Laurence

Food on
Debate continues over an American cuisine definition
So just what is American cuisine anyway?
From chefs to food writers, there is a common disagreement on how to define and how to approach a cooking that would be universally American.

Frankly, it depends whom you ask. We’ve posed the question to cutting-edge chefs, revered authors, hungry hell-raisers and ordinary folks. Their answers ranged from broad statements about what we eat in general across the country to regional cooking styles ...
Full Story: Debate continues over an American cuisine definition; By Bill Daley

Culinary News on Restaurants & Institutions
Burgers Beyond Beef
Burgers go beefless as chefs re-create classic sandwich - Most restaurants have added burgers to the menu, but upscale chefs are using ingredients such as Duroc pork, lamb and sashimi-style tuna to re-create the bun-based standard, adding a twists on the classics, maybe to be repeated home.

Chefs have thrown away the rulebook on what can go on a bun.
At chic Terzo Piano cafe (Bon Appétit Management Company) in the Art Institute of Chicago, five-year-aged vinegar dresses a salad of roasted acorn squash and pear, and locally made chorizo tops flatbreads with manchego cheese. ...
Full Story: Burgers Beyond Beef; By Scott Hume

The Gastronomer on the
Take stock: There's an easier way to do it
Cooking Basics - Taking stock of a cooking basic
Good stock is at the heart of countless dishes, including stews, soups and risotto. Here are simple techniques that yield authentic results.

"Bouillon is the soul and quintessence of sauces," wrote the 18th-century French cook François Marin.
He might as well have said "of all classical French cooking." But at that time in France, of course, all cooking worth writing about was French and classical. ...
Full Story: Take stock: There's an easier way to do it; By Andreas Viestad

Field Report on the
Home Sweet (Urban) Homestead
Agrarian traditions in the heart of a city
In Oakland, Calif., a movement known as "urban homesteading" is driving interest in canning foods and curing meats. "It's figuring out how to feed yourself with what's available," said Anya Fernald, who works with Live Culture, a consulting organization that helps companies create sustainable food practices and products.

On a gritty block in Oakland, Calif. — the kind of neighborhood that quickens your step even on a bright Sunday afternoon — a whiff of Italy filled the air while skateboarders ollied in the empty street. If you followed the source, ...
Full Story: Home Sweet (Urban) Homestead; By CHRISTINE MUHLKE

Canning on Foodista


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