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No lost catch here: Enjoy great seafood without guilt
A guide to guilt-free seafood - "A Good Catch," a new cookbook from Jill Lambert, provides recipes centered on sustainable seafood. The author suggests to start looking at a broader range of fish adding sardines, considered more sustainable than big carnivorous creatures such as bluefin tuna.

In one of my food fantasies, I'm living on the sparkling blue waters of Indian Arm fjord, off Burrard Inlet, near Vancouver, British Columbia, ...
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... No lost catch here: Enjoy great seafood without guilt; By Bob Batz Jr.
Sardine on Foodista - Bluefin Tuna on Foodista

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Restaurants turn to trout instead of salmon
Trout swims past salmon as restaurant favorite - Restaurants in California's Bay Area are offering more trout and less salmon, a decision propelled by issues of sustainability as well as economics. Most trout in the U.S. is farmed, and it is easily available year-round, as well as versatile in recipes.

Mike Selvera had an idyllic introduction to trout, fishing alongside his grandfather in Idaho and cooking their haul over the campfire. But that's not the reason the Bar Crudo chef/co-owner made trout a staple on his menu.
"It's just very economical," Selvera says. "It's sustainable, ...
Full Story: Restaurants turn to trout instead of salmon; Janny Hu

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Tuna, packed in questions
Canned tuna is economical and popular, but concerns abound related to health risks and sustainability. When choosing tuna, look for brands that are line-caught, contain no additives and are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Draining some useful knowledge out of those cans.
If you eat canned tuna for lunch, you're among millions of Americans who polish off almost a billion pounds of tuna a year, more than 95 percent of it canned. Partly because the size of cans has been reduced, we're eating less canned tuna, ...
Full Story: Tuna, packed in questions; By Aliza Green


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