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Diana Henry's life in food
The award-winning food writer Diana Henry shares some memories, along with favorite recipes from her earliest days growing up in Northern Ireland.

Aged six she was making her own sweets; by her teens she was throwing candlelit suppers. Here Diana Henry, our award-winning cookery writer, relives her kitchen adventures, and shares three recipes that have a special place in her heart. ...
Full Story: ...
... Diana Henry's life in food; By Diana Henry

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6 Australian Foods Worth Trying
Favorite foods from Down Under - Australia's food culture has developed with influences from German, Italian, Greek, Asian and South African immigrant communities. Some favorite foods include Anzac biscuits, Joseph La Casetta Aged Vinegar and curries.

Australia today is a pretty happening place, but that's really a pretty recent phenomenon; in the 1950s the now massively hip-hopping city of Sydney had only 800 total hotel rooms (by comparison, Ann Arbor--hardly a world capital--has 4,000!). Culturally, ...
Full Story: 6 Australian Foods Worth Trying; by Ari Weinzweig

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How to Eat Out Without Spending a Lot
Restaurant owner Donatella Arpaia, co-owner of three New York City restaurants, shares secrets for saving money when dining out. She prefers eating at high-end restaurants for lunch instead of dinner, and ordering two appetizers instead of an appetizer, entree and dessert. She'll also look at menus online and plan what she's going to order.

When eating out, Donatella Arpaia never used to complain if her food wasn’t cooked to her liking. ...
Full Story: How to Eat Out Without Spending a Lot; Jennifer Saranow Schultz

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Bar Menu

It's fall in New York and people, like everywhere else, start packing-on the winter weight.
Fall in New York, wool coats of tourists folded under seats at the Gershwin, the scent of firewood bright in the downtown air. It’s football weather, locals say, and then turn on the television from bed. There’s that Vermeer at the Met to see. But dusk comes so fast now, and dawn tarries until far too late. Hear the man on the L train platform singing: “No time!”
Plenty of time, though, for potato skins. For fried green beans. ...
Full Story: Bar Menu; By SAM SIFTON

Green Beans on Foodista

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FoodCalc launches create-your-own menu items nutrition calculator
A Web-based nutrition-analysis-solutions company, has created a new tool for restaurants: The Nutrition Calculator. The tool can determine nutrition profiles for a particular restaurant's menu offerings and can calculate calories, along with fat, sodium, fiber, carbohydrates and sugars.

SAN FRANCISCO — Web-based nutrition analysis solutions pioneer FoodCalc has announced its creation of an exclusive nutrition calculator for restaurants ...
Full Story: FoodCalc launches create-your-own menu items nutrition calculator



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