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Kitchen inspiration from the 1940s - A museum, old cookbooks, and our own readers share how thrift and creativity filled home-front bellies during World War II.
When the United States entered World War II, the country's kitchens became ground zero for the war effort on the home front.
Sugar, cheese, coffee, and meat went to the front lines, and at home, rationing reigned. From about 1942 through 1946, stamps, coupon books, and red, blue, or green tokens were allocated to each individual based on age, ...
Full Story: ...
... Making do, '40s style; By Dianna Marder

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When recipe variables get in the way - At the Los Angeles Times, recipe testers often retest a recipe over a couple of weeks and double-check ingredients to get rid of as many recipe variables, such as ingredient sizes, types and textures, as possible. But even veteran testers can get tripped up, as the Times testers learned when they tried to re-create a dolmas recipe.
Every recipe has its variables. It's a basic kitchen truth that those of us who test recipes professionally are ever conscious of (and occasionally frustrated by) whenever we encounter a new recipe. ...
Full Story: Recipes tested by Times for accuracy and variations; by Noelle Carter

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Making your culinary habits green - Living an eco-friendly culinary lifestyle doesn't have to be expensive and requires only a few changes to create big results, according to Brooklyn, N.Y., chef Jackie Newgent. Newgent says reducing cooking times by limiting the size of your food, consolidating pots and pans while cooking, and using more of the microwave and less water can help the environment without adding to your budgets.
Climate-conscious cookbook stirs up tips to step gently on the Earth.
In today's world, eating represents much more than enjoyment and nourishment. Increasingly, food is being viewed through a new lens: how it affects the environment. ...
Full Story: The green movement rethinks the way we cook; By Janet Helm

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~ In Hudson Valley, Farmers’ Markets Offer Local Food and Local Chat.
AFTER buying a weekend house in the Hudson Valley town of Hyde Park, in 2003, Karina Krepp and her husband, Christien Methot, attended the grand opening of a farmers’ market, held on the grassy sprawl of the town’s drive-in theater. In Hudson Valley, Farmers’ Markets Offer Local Food and Local Chat;

~ Asian Salad, Quick canap├ęs, etc. Five ways with ... cucumbers;

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