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Chinese and American cultures come together in cashew chicken, a dish invented in Springfield, Mo. "When I moved here in the 1950s, people kept telling me about fried chicken," inventor David Leong said. "I did what they wanted. I gave them fried chicken with Chinese oyster sauce and cashews."
STANDING in the parking lot of Mr. Yen’s, a 560-seat palace of Chinese cooking owned by a family friend, David Leong scanned the red clay pagoda roof and rose-colored walls and staked a claim that few here in the Ozarks would dispute.
“All this came from my cashew chicken,” said Mr. Leong,
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... Missouri Chinese: Two Cultures Claim This Chicken; by JOHN T. EDGE

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How do you get your charlottes, pannacottas and cheesecakes to stay firm? Either by using classic gelatine or agar agar, which is all the rage at the moment. Here’s some useful info, advice and methods of use for these two setting/gelling agents.
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Linda Waltenberger discovers that Chacala, Mexico on the Pacific gives us beach lounging at it's finest; good food, drinks and whale watching (with binoculars).
Sitting on the beach under an umbrella in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico must be next door to heaven. The sun in February is hot, shade and Pacific water is cool. A perfect combination. Add to this scene migrating whales swimming past the bay, friendly waiters and waitresses of Hotel Las Brisas or any of the beachside cafes fulfilling your every gastronomic need and life is complete. ...
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