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'In the childhood memories of every good cook, there's a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.' ~Barbara Costikyan

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Visiting the various markets throughout Europe is a joy for almost anyone. Here a visual tour that takes us to some of the best.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of a trip to Europe for many travelers is a visit to local markets. Hunting down the best markets in a big city, or discovering a pocket market in a tucked-away neighborhood can lead to a treasured souvenir, or maybe just a picnic lunch. Either way it’s bound to leave visitors with vivid memories of the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of the local culture.
1 - Radishes in Paris - The Marché Saint Eustache Les Halles in Paris feels like a real local’s market,...
Full Story: ...
... Markets of Europe: In Photos; by Dana McMahan

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Supplì al telefono, stuffed rice balls that are breaded and fried, are a classic Roman snack and a good match for an aperitif.
TOWARD the end of every vacation comes the inevitable crash when you realize you’re homeward bound. That’s when it hits you: I need a drink. But when I asked for one in Rome a few months ago, at a restaurant where I’d arrived for a 9 p.m. dinner, the staff was flummoxed, and not just by my broken Italian. No, I didn’t want Prosecco. Or wine. I wanted Scotch.
Ah. They brought over a trolley filled with single malt whiskies, Cognacs and brandies, trying not to roll their eyes. If the crazy American lady wanted an after-dinner drink before dinner, who were they to argue? ...
Full Story: Finding the Soul Mate for Supplì; By ALEX WITCHEL

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In the 15th century, Columbus introduced the lemon to the New World and, later, the Portuguese took it to Brazil. Ironically, none of the sailors on those early voyages knew that the Vitamin C content of their cargo would have been a far more effective remedy for the scurvy sufferers among them than the 'cures' doled out by dodgy apothecaries.

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