Easy Bites! Nest of Grilled Peppers and Mini-Mozzarella

'One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.' ~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story

Nido di Peperoni Grigliati e Bocconcini di Mozzarella / Nest of Grilled Bell Peppers and Cherry-Size Mozzarella

Difficulty: EASY / MEDIUM;
Preparation's Time
-To Grill Peppers: 30 minutes;
-Nests: 20 minutes;
Servings: 6;

• Bell Peppers, (Capsicum): 1 Red, (medium size) - 1 Yellow, (medium size);
• Bocconcini di Mozzarella (*): 1 (250g / 0.55lb) package, (standard size in Italy);
[(*)(Mini or Cherry-Size Mozzarella];
• Fresh Thyme; 1 small bunch;
• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil;
• Salt & Pepper;

Utensils, Etc:
• Salt and Pepper Mills;
• Baking-Proof Paper, (if you decide to use the oven);
• Medium size Bowls;
• 6 Espresso Saucers;
• 1 Fork;
• Paper Towels

~ RINSE and GRILL the Whole Peppers. [If Outdoor I use a Charcoal-Barbecue-Grill. If Indoor I prefer to Broil it in a Moderately-Hot Oven, (Pre-Heat at 200°C / 400°F / Gas-6)].
~ TURN them now and again until the skin is blackened all over.
~ Then PLACE them in a Bowl and COVER with cling film, or seal in an airtight plastic bag to ‘Sweat’.

~ OEN the package of Bocconcini (*), DISCARD the liquid and RINSE.
~ PLACE the content in a Bowl; SEASON with 1 Tablespoon of Extra-Virgin Olive oil and some Fresh Thyme.
~ Set Aside.

~ After about 15 minutes, the peppers’ skin can be PEELED OFF easily with your fingers.
~ REMOVE the core, pith and seeds.
~ SLICE-UP the peppers length-wise in Medium-Thin Strips.
~ SEASON with Extra-Virgin Olive oil, Salt and Pepper to taste.
~ Set Aside.

In the Picture I’ve used Glass Espresso Saucers.
For an easier handling I would use “Chinese-Style Soup Spoons” and/or any other type of “Party Spoon”, (they’re made to stand and you can really "go for the Bite").

~ In order to set a nice looking Nest:
1. Use Oil with Moderation, you can always add it!
2. Espresso’s Saucers are excellent to build the Nest; the small hollow part in the middle helps holding the Peppers.
3. Roll the Peppers-Strips with a Fork, as if you where eating Spaghetti.
4. With the help of some Paper-Towels, Place the Nest in the Saucer, (the paper will absorb the oil in excess, besides keeping the saucer clean).
5. Place 1 Bocconcino (*) on each Nest and Decorate with some Fresh Thyme.
6. Keep the Nests Refrigerated.
7. Take the Nests out of refrigerator 10 minutes Before Serving.

VEGAN: Replace the Bocconcini (*) with Firm Tofu.
ASIAN MOOD: Use Soy Sauce to Season.


Useful Sources:
~ Food Info: Pepper / Capsicum and Mozzarella; Wikipedia.
~ Food Glossary: Pepper; BBC.co.uk

LIFESTYLE ESSENTIALS: Clarins > Organic > Mix >

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