Aphrodisiac Food, Is There Any Truth to These Claims?

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A guide to 12 lust-inducing ingredients, plus a recipe for each. From Pliny the Elder to Casanova, food has long been haloed and hailed as the ultimate portal to venery, a lovely word that has undeservedly fallen into disuse. Oysters, rose petals, chocolate, chile peppers, ...
... licorice, star anise—there is no shortage of ingredients reputed over the centuries to stir ardor. So is there any truth to these claims? Nope. Not if you listen to the FDA, anyway, which in 1989 turned a cold shower on the whole idea of aphrodisiacs, thus dismissing 5,000 years of such truffling as pure folklore. But who needs science? Folklore is way more fun. ...

Full Story: Valentine's Day Aphrodisiacs; By Martin Booe, on Epicurious.com



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